Mail-Order Munchies: Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club



Fruit of the Month Club, Vegetable of the Month Club, Wine of the Month club: all excellent gifts for family and friends, but what if you were buying one for someone like myself? Sure you could stick with wine, but why not break with tradition and get something for the pig in all of us? Try Chip of the Month Club!

Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club is perfect for those who love the crunchy, salty bite of potato chips (who doesn’t though?), and they carry dozens of brands that are hard to find here in NYC. Ever heard of Vitners, Route-11, or Dieffenbach’s? Me neither, but they have em. And supposedly they carry some of the best, crunchiest potato chips from local and regional chip cookers all across North America. You can try them out first with a Sample Pack of six (4-8 oz.) bags for $27.50, then if you get hooked (which you probably will) you can order the 3 month delivery for $75 – that’s 3 months of delicious, fresh tasty chips right to your door. Mmmm and you thought there weren’t easy ways to get fat anymore.

You can visit Anchor’s Food Finds to order your desired delivery period for the Chip of the Month Club (3, 6, 9, and 12 months) or just click on one of the chip brands and they give you their site where you can order bags directly.
And here’s some tips from a recent taste test: Diffenbach’s and Better Made chips are said to have the best BBQ potato chips;  Dirty Chips and Miss Vickie’s have the best Salt & Vinegar; Mad House Munchies has the best Sour Cream and Onion (believe it or not, traditional Ruffles were a close second); and it was a tie for the "wildest flavor:" Kettle Chips Buffalo Bleu have the taste of  bleu cheese dressing followed shortly by a pop of heat from buffalo wings, and Zapp’s Cajun-Dill Gator-Tators have a salty, mild dill flavor that is unexpectedly crunchy.

My personal fave: Dirty Chips Maui Onion. Happy munching!


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