Author: Dara

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Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

Now that I am finally getting the hang of this Instant Pot thing, I thought I’d try it out for one of my favorite (and easy) recipes for those gross, rainy days like today: Sloppy Joes! There’s something so nostalgic about these; when they were cooking, I felt like I […]

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Dinner at: The Bari

Sitting in a white-walled, long and cavernous space near Cooper Square is The Bari – part Japanese, part Korean, mostly delicious. I say mostly because…this was one of those spots where consistency was a little lacking. Some dishes I thought were amazing, while some were a little underwhelming. Sorry but […]

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Omakase at: Sushi By Bae

Before I go into detail here, let me just say right off the bat: this was one of those experiences I’ll remember forever. 100% recommend this. Maybe even 200%. Here’s why I feel like my review of this is very important: because I don’t LOVE sushi. Cue gasp. Listen. My […]