Dara is much more than eating and cooking. Well, not that much more…

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Marketing/Social Media Consulting

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and advertising, Dara is a digital media sales and marketing professional with a background in publishing. She has also been running this blog in NYC and reviewing restaurants/events since 2008. Taking all of those skills into consideration, Dara is now the Marketing Director for Bar Hugo and il Principe in Hotel Hugo, owned by Crown Group Hospitality – the same folks behind Crown, Bill’s, The Windsor, and The Lion. Dara has helped design menus and drinks for events, operates and maintains their social media presence, forges partnerships with vendors, and works with promotion sites like Gilt City and Pulsd to create dinner packages to drive revenue. If you are looking for a restaurant consultant, or someone to just come in and eat/judge your food, Dara is your gal.


Recipe Developer/Creator

This one is fairly obvious, but Dara loves to cook and has been doing so since the age of 19. Her Instagram following has experienced a surge lately thanks to Food & Wine picking up one of her recipes. A proud day that was. She has a creative (and gluttonous) mind, and is always looking for new recipes to create. Some of the brands she has created recipes for include Chobani, Tuttorosso, Redpack, and Nabisco. Think your brand could be incorporated into one of her crazy concoctions? Give her a shout – she loves the challenge. And loves samples even more. Hint hint. Blogging doesn’t pay the bills so…feed her.


Freelance Writing

This is also pretty obvious. Dara has written for numerous food sites and is a contributing writer for Thrillist (recipes), Food Network’s FN Dish, Bravo, From the Grapevine, and has been quoted and/or featured on sites like Grub Street, Eater, UpOut, and more. Click the Links/Press tab for clips and articles.


Personal Restaurant Consultant

This may sound like a joke, but there are people out there who are too busy to select their own restaurants. Or they find it painful, boring, and time consuming; frankly when you live in NYC, the land of 103947483957209 restaurants, that’s not too hard to believe. Dara has worked with clients in the past to give them new lunch and dinner suggestions, and has even helped organize those annoying birthday dinners. She has created personalized lists as small as 10 to as big as 50, all within a certain neighborhood, some within a 10-block radius. This is New York City. Don’t act like you’re surprised.