Welcome to my blog! I’m Dara and I’m addicted to all things food. Fine dining, home cooking, junk food, bar food, fast food – I eat it all. Throw in a glass of wine or a few cocktails and you have my life summed up there in a nutshell. I plan my days around food and the process of either eating it or cooking it. When I have breakfast, I’m thinking about what I’ll eat for lunch, and when I’m eating lunch I’ll think about what I’ll make for dinner. It’s a vicious cycle, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy every second of it. I eat about seven times a day and am on a three-hour feeding schedule. I have an insatiable appetite and have been known to polish off an entire pizza by myself. Am I proud of these things? Hell yes I am. If they gave out medals for eating, I’d take the gold. However, I’m not a fan of hot-dog eating contests or things of that nature, because I like variety. Another thing you would assume about me is that I’m a cow. Well, I may not be a twig, but for the amount of food I eat (and the types of food), I should be a lot bigger than I am – which is why my friends have so sweetly dubbed me the Skinny Pig. I chalk it up to a fast metabolism because I definitely don’t work out that much. Now you can love me or hate me for that, but either way you’re here reading my posts and that’s all I can ask for. New restaurants, bar food, recipes, inane food ramblings – you can find it all here and I hope it helps you embrace your inner pig as well. 

With lard,


Where I am: work

What I’m listening to: people (unfortunately)

What I’m eating: eggs, turkey bacon and sausage 

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