Blame The Jalapeños (and Cilantro?) for Salmonella Outbreak

As if this economy weren’t miserable enough, now we have to worry about contracting Salmonella from a different vegetable every month. Sources are now saying that it is not the tomato to be wary of, but the jalapeño pepper. According to the AP:

“government inspectors have found the salmonella strain responsible for a nationwide food-poisoning outbreak in a Mexican-grown jalapeño in a Texas plant, prompting a new warning for consumers to avoid eating fresh jalapeños.”

Fortunately, chomping on fresh, raw jalapeños is not exactly my favorite snack. The FDA is also saying that it’s not just the jalapeños, but other salsa ingredients are under investigation too – like cilantro. According to the Daily News:

"Other salsa ingredients, mainly jalapeño peppers and cilantro from Mexico, are now regarded as possible sources of the outbreak that has sickened nearly 1,000 people in New York and across the nation." – FDA

YES! My deep hatred for cilantro is finally being avenged. I was definitely more disappointed with the tomato-outbreak, but the jalapeño pepper dilemma does throw a wrench in my plans for dinner at Centrico; I guess I will have to order my tableside guacamole sin picante while the tomatoes celebrate their new-found innocence.

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