Kool Bloo: The Cherry Valley of Manhattan?

If you aren’t from Queens, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. If you are though, you know those are some big shoes to fill. Who can beat the TCS, Bushman or Beast? Well Kool Bloo may not beat it, but it’s definitely in the running. Out of the dozens of menus that get dropped off at my NYC apartment, this one caught my eye. "Kool Bloo? What the hell is that?" I pondered. Well I opened it up and decided that it was Skinny Pig heaven. Literally any type of food you want- this place has it. BBQ, comfort food, junk food, health food, breakfast food, greek food – it took me almost 45 minutes to read everything on the menu…and I’m a fast reader. I wanted to try almost everything, but I had to try these two sandwiches, because they sounded so good:

La Bamba Chicken Burger – Breaded chicken breast topped with jack cheese, avocado and salsa $9.95

Chipotle Chicken Burger – Breaded chicken breast topped with spicy chipotle mayo and bacon $9.95

I’m salivating just thinking about it. They were so good, I wanted to eat more but I felt like I was going to pop if I did. They are served on rolls, so they’re not too big (unlike Cherry Valley where you have the option of getting your heart-attack on a hero), but the chicken breast was huge. The Chipotle Chicken Burger was pretty spicy, my mouth was a little on fire after that one, but it was so good with the bacon – believe me I didn’t care. The La Bamba is probably my favorite so far because I love anything with avocados and salsa. Since then I have tried other things from Kool Bloo including their Mac n’ Mash platter with BBQ pulled pork (yes, they have that), and their Cheese fries which are amazing – this place knows not to skimp on the chili nor the cheese.

If you are not afraid of a little grease and carbs, I definitely recommend Kool Bloo. And while they are a little more pricey than other sandwich places (Cherry Valley included) it’s still worth it. They do have healthy items on the menu too, so if you can resist the call of their chicken burgers and go for a wrap, I applaud you.

And don’t forget there’s 10% off when you order online!

Kool Bloo – three locations in Manhattan – 23rd street, 2nd ave, and 6th ave.

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