Lisa Fernandes: All for Show or All for Dough?


Unfortunately, I started this blog after the last season of Top Chef, so no one got to read my rants about the contestants. I know you’re crushed. Anyway, I came across an article on’s Eat Out section about the supposed softer-side of Lisa Fernandes, undoubtedly the most hated cheftestant on the show.

In this brief article, Ashlea Halpern shares a car ride and tours a Flushing supermarket with Lisa, all the while talking and swapping life stories. Ashlea writes:

"I was never under the illusion that what I was seeing was anything more than a well-rehearsed dog-and-pony show, but as we rode in the back of her publicist’s car from Queens to Tribeca, trading stories of eating and shopping and life off the airwaves, I honest-to-God, pit-of-my-stomach thought, Hey, she’s okay. "

I can hear the violins in the background. Personally, I didn’t like Lisa on the show; she was constantly on the chopping block yet somehow made it to the final three. Her food might not be bad, but her attitude was probably the most unsavory. She could barely get along with anyone (fan favorite Dale especially), she threw fellow contestant Andrew under the bus, she blamed others for her mistakes (ricecooker anyone?), and she bitched out Richard Blais and winner Stephanie Izard for not congratulating her when she was selected as part of the final three. All that aside, it still was a cooking challenge. So I guess her food was good – or just marginally better than someone elses so she kept squeezing through by a hair. Was she irritating to watch? Yes. Did I want her to go home sooner? Yes. Do I think she knew what she was doing? Also yes.

When you think about reality TV, only certain names come up – Omarosa (Apprentice), Puck (Real World), Richard (Survivor), Flavor Flav (Surreal Life) – and now, Lisa Fernandes. While some of these people are nowhere now, some of them are still making a living off of their peculiar ways (Flavor of Love, for example). So maybe Lisa went out of her way to be a bitch just to get her fifteen minutes of fame? If so, it definitely worked; since the end of Top Chef, I’ve heard and read more about Lisa in the press than I have about winner Stephanie Izard. So we can all sit around and say she’s got a bad attitude and didn’t deserve to get as far as she did, but ultimately, she knows what’s going to get her noticed.

Read the full article on Lisa here from TimeOut NY.

And read what she says about food bloggers here! How predictable.


  1. I would really like to produce a one man show about my life.

  2. i love you post

  3. Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing

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