McDonald’s Apple Pie to Customers: “Screw You!”

Just when you think New Yorkers have seen it all, something like this happens.

Julisa Caba, a 25-year-old from Queens, bit into an apple pie from the McDonald’s on 21st street in Astoria and found not a hair, not a bug, but a metal screw. I wonder how many calories that adds?


Sadly this is not the first occurence of weird foreign objects being found in fast food. Just last week, a man found a serrated knife in his Subway sandwich. I would love to know how THAT happened. According to the Daily News:

"The McDonald’s [on 21st Street in Astoria] will receive a full sanitary inspection, with additional focus spent on the possible source of the screw.”

The source? How about just focus on getting all the metal foreign objects out of your food? Maybe this is just McDonald’s way of retaliating for being forced to cut back on calories and trans fats. So try as you might to stop them, but sooner or later, they will find a way to kill you.

"I’ll take the McHammer…"


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