Mets Food at Shea Now Health Conscious

No matter where we go, no matter what we do, we can’t escape the calorie counters. Nowhere is safe, not even Shea Stadium, the home of my beloved New York Mets and my favorite spot for sausage and peppers.


Last night I attended the game against the Rockies, and thankfully they won – this is now 9 games they won in a row! I’m almost wishing they didn’t have the All-Star break right now being that they’re on such a hot streak. I could go into all of my feelings about the Mets right now, but then it wouldn’t be a food blog.

So it’s a Sunday night ESPN game at 8 PM, and they were winning 7-0 when I left in the 8th inning (give me a break, I have to get up early and it was 7-0). On my way out, sausage and peppers sandwich in hand, I found a menu sitting on one of the condiment tables. Evidently someone who was not sitting up in the nosebleeds left it there, being that this was the menu from the Metropolitan Club seats on the field level where you get waiter service. Fancy. Anyway, I opened it and gasped. 840 calories! 571 calories! 1014 calories! I don’t WANT TO KNOW how many calories are in my sausage and peppers! Or the delicious Mama’s of Corona sandwiches! Believe it or not, the sausage and peppers is way less offensive at405 calories compared to Mama’s, which clocks in at 750. Isn’t it amazing how they squeeze all those calories into something as simple as a sandwich with Ham, Salami and Mozzarella on a hero? Another scary find was the Caesar salad with grilled chicken – sounds good right? Sure at 807 calories. I could eat two sausage and peppers sandwiches for that…and next time I may do just that. Here are some of the biggest belt-busters at Shea:

Turkey & Swiss BLT (Boars Head turkey, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato on Focaccia bread with chipotle mayo) – 990 calories

Buffalo Wings – 840 calories

Chicken Tenders and Nathan’s Fries – 1014 calories (I died a little inside when I read that)

Mets Orange & Blue Cookie (classic black & white cookie with Mets colors) – 610 calories

It is kind of depressing, but believe me unless I’m going to a game everyday, I will splurge and get what I want – including the chicken tenders! Fortunately the sausage and peppers is my staple and it isn’t too bad. My other options  would be the hot dog or meatball sub, which come in at 480 and 580, respectively. However, if you aren’t like me and are actually watching what you eat, Shea has some decent options:

Knish – 275 calories

Nestle Ice Cream Drumstick – 340 calories

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (lettuce, tomato, american cheese) – 340 calories

Tuna wrap (lettuce, tomato, american cheese in garlic herb wrap)- 435 calories

Sbarro Pizza (one slice) – 459 calories

If you’re going for a special occasion (like the Mets in the playoffs!) and speaking as a fellow Met-fan, I think we’ve earned our right to splurge. Though if you’re a season ticket holder, you may want to trade those chicken tenders for the grilled chicken sandwich. And in baseball, if there’s anything worth mastering, it’s smart trades.

And we know all about that don’t we…

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