Richard Blais Wants to ‘Flip’ in NYC

More news from the Top Chef contestant! It appears that since the finale of Top Chef, Richard Blais has been one busy guy. His wife Jazmin gave birth to a baby girl, Riley Maddox Blais, in late May, he runs his own 4-star restaurant Home in Atlanta, he’s frozen popcorn in midtown Manhattan, and now he’s planning to open a new modern burger joint in both his native Atlanta and right here in NYC.

The new burger place (set to open in Atlanta in the Fall) is aptly named "Flip," and Blais is going to be breaking out some of his favorite molecular gastronomy devices for the food. The liquid nitrogen that chills beer and freezes popcorn will now be used to make milkshakes at Flip, including a Krispy Kreme milkshake. As Richard told TimeOut NY about Flip:

"[New York] is the next market we’re looking to hit."

Hopefully Flip will be in our presence soon; I just hope that he doesn’t use the liquid nitrogen on everything. Frozen burger? Doesn’t sound too appetizing. Though who knew frozen popcorn would taste good? I guess when it comes to this type of dining, the best thing to do is dive right in with an open mind and an empty stomach.

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