Top Chef Richard Blais Creates “Popcornsicle”

Top Chef  finalist Richard Blais will be putting his unconventional skills in the kitchen to good use at a popcorn company in Manhattan. Garrett Popcorn Shops in Midtown has recruited Blais to come up with a new way of eating popcorn. And needless to say, he took that idea and ran with it – straight into the freezer. 

Blais has created what he calls a "Popcornsicle," which is a flash-frozen ball of flavored popcorn on a stick. The flavors currently being served are CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp. What is the secret ingredient? You might ask. Liquid nitrogen of course! If you are as big of a Top Chef  fan as I am, you will recall Blais using this "ingredient" in a few episodes, including the finale where unfortunately, in his own words, he "choked."

Well hopefully there will be nothing to choke on this time. Blais will be at Garrett Popcorn himself on July 15-17, from 11:30-2:30 pm, making samples of these science-project-snacks for free! An added bonus: supposedly when you eat the treat, a "cold fog" emits from your mouth – kids will go nuts for that one, and by kids I mean me.

Garrett Popcorn is located at 560 5th avenue, corner of46th street. On the days that Blais will be on site, there is a 10% discount off ALL popcorn as well!

Ice, Ice Baby.

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