4th Annual Vendy Awards: It’s Street Food Smackdown!


Here’s something you wont see everywhere: The Vendy Awards. Yes, in New York City, street meat is so important that we have decided to hold a ceremony honoring those who slice the shish and handle the halal everyday, just for our lunchtime pleasure. However, street food has gotten so diverse (just like our fair city) that we can now honor everyone from the falafel carts to the taco carts to the waffle carts.

The 4th annual Vendy Awards will be taking place in DUMBO, Brooklyn at the Tobacco Warehouse on Saturday October 18th, 2008 from 3-7 pm. What does it entail? Imagine all of your favorite street vendors scattered about in one place, competing for your tastebuds. In other words, it’s a big cook-off complete with beer and wine, where the street vendors cook for guests and a panel of judges – and the guests get to help decide the winner too. There will also be music, performances and a raffle (prize TBD) for the guests. And what does the lucky Vendy Award winner get? The Silver Vendy Cup! Fascinating. They certainly could have thought of a better prize, but at least these guys are getting some of the notoriety they deserve.

Tickets are on sale for $80 each, and are a tax-deductible contribution to the Street Vendor Project, a non-profit organization of the Urban Justice Center, whose goal is to make sure that vendors will always be a part of our city. I personally don’t think they have anything to worry about in that department – 3 street vendors per city block is part of the regional charm here. Where else can you get the pungent, yet delicious scent of shish kebab and falafel at 9 in the morning?

You can purchase tickets here. $80 for general admission, $90 for admission AND a t-shirt. Fancy! You can even nominate your favorite vendor online here.   

Tobacco Warehouse: 68 New Dock St, Brooklyn

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