I’m Back – and I’m Attacking Healthy Cereal!

First off, I apologize to all of my loyal readers out there – all five of you – for not posting as often lately. I have been having some issues and haven't found too much to blog about. But today, I am not feeling so great and I feel like picking on something. My target for today is this healthy cereal I bought. First of all, the name is just awful – it's called "Hi-Lo." I mean really, what the hell is that? I thought I was buying cereal, not a sing along nursery book for my little cousin. Anyway, last night, I'm reading the box and it turns out that the "Hi" is for the high amount of fiber and protein in the cereal (7g fiber, 12g protein, and 7.4g soy-protein) and the "Lo" is for the low amount of fat, sugar and carbs (2g fat, 1g sugar, and 6g net carbs). Ok so far it was winning points for nutritional value, but I was still unsure. The flavor for this particular one was Maple Pecan (two things I happen to like), and it said that it has sweet graham flakes with pieces of real pecan. How bad could it be?

So this morning, I was starving as usual and went straight for the new sing-along cereal. When you open the box, it smells like maple syrup, so I thought that was a good sign. Then I poured the milk in (or in my case, rice milk – shut up) and this had to be the only cereal I have ever eaten that gets soggy immediately after adding milk. It was beyond strange. The texture of the cereal (even when it's dry) is odd – it has that low-carb, sort of spongy, cardboard type taste, and it's super sweet from the maple flavoring. However, in the cereals defense, rice milk is sweet already, so if it were with regular milk perhaps it wouldn't be SO sweet. But anyway, it wasn't the worst cereal I've ever had (Fiber One will definitely hold that title – if you ever wanted to know what branches taste like, then that is the cereal for you) but I've definitely had better nutritious cereals. As of right now, my favorite healthy cereals are Kashi GoLean Crunch, Kashi Cinnamon Harvest shredded wheat and Bare Naked granola. Mmmmm. Of course this is just my opinion because I am picky when it comes to cereals, but if you want to know the absolute BEST cereal, click here. It's hard to find (though I hear some Target locations have it), so if you find it, do yourself a favor and stock up. It's a little pricey, but it's soooo worth it. I bought my friend Hal two boxes for his birthday one year, and I think he would tell you that it was the best gift he ever got.  

Also, here's a link for Nutritious Living's Hi-Lo Maple Pecan cereal. Good luck.

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