Top Chef Loves Tomatoes, Hates Deviled Eggs

Considering I haven't written on here in quite a know I feel strongly about this.

There is almost nothing I look forward to more during the week than Wednesday night - plopping down on my couch with some form of snack and watching Top Chef. But I must admit, last night's episode pissed me off. Sometimes this show is so inconsistent it's ridiculous. During this particular episode, the chefs were asked to create hors d'oeuvres for a benefit for AMFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research). Now as always, something goes wrong for someone or something (becoming a bit predictable, no?) and they are usually the ones to pull through and win or at least become a heavy favorite. Case and point: Radhika and Hosea. Both of their proteins (duck and pork, respectively) were ruined by being left in a refrigerator that was open all night. Yet in the spirit of "Christmas" (keep in mind, this episode was filmed at some point during the summer) all the other chefs pulled through and helped Radhika and Hosea make amazing dishes that landed them in the winning circle. Happy Holidays indeed.

Now in keeping with this "holiday spirit," Tom and the other judges felt that the majority of the food for this benefit was so disappointing, that no one would go home. They would just get a stern talking-to and all be given another shot. The best part about this was that during the "Judges' Table" discussion, they kept bringing up Ariane's deviled eggs and said things like, "you're not going to win a competition with a deviled egg." Yes Tom, you're right. Clearly an egg that has been hard boiled, peeled, separated, mixed with mayo, seasoned and finished with six different types of toppings is MUCH less impressive than…..a watermelon, tomato and feta salad. Yea, that one was rough. Do they not remember that 3 episodes ago ALL the judges were on the friggin floor worshipping a WATERMELON, TOMATO AND FETA CHEESE SALAD?!? SERIOUSLY?! AND YET A DEVILED EGG IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH?? I do love a good deviled egg - but it's not about that (I swear) - it's just about consistency. If you're going to make claims that a deviled egg CAN'T win a competition and yet a salad that a 4-year old can make CAN – then people will start to criticize your judgment (like I'm doing right now). How can you blame Ariane for thinking a deviled egg was a winner when her simpleton tomato and feta salad won a few weeks prior? Sorry Tom and Co., but you've got no one to blame here but yourselves.

…feels like an appropriate moment for a "Boo-yah" doesn't it?

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