Taking It Too Far? Enter Bakon Vodka

Bakon vodka I cant decide how I feel about the food and beverage industry lately. They are either exceptionally brilliant or exceptionally bored. Case and point: bacon flavored vodka. I really thought we were done with the whole bacon-is-better mentality (and I am usually bacon's biggest supporter), but I just dont get this. I can EAT bacon in any form – bacon cheeseburgers, bacon soup, bacon wrapped shrimp, I'll even eat bacon wrapped bacon – but DRINKING it I'm not too sure about.

The vodka comes from a Seattle based company called Black Rock Spirits, and this was based on their idea of "meat and potatoes" (potato vodka and bacon). So, they have officially launched Bakon Vodka - available at the moment only in Northwestern states, but they are looking to expand their distribution to the sophisticated palates of New Yorkers. They've already got the marketing down: it's bacon spelled with a K, so that obviously means it's good AND trendy. New Yorkers love spelling things wrong while somehow incorporating K's. It makes it instantly hip. For example: Markt, Krunch Pizza, STK… WE LOVE K's!!

Now on the other hand, I have tried many foods in my day that I thought I would despise, and Bacon_martini ended up loving them (just go to WD-50 once, and you'll see what I'm talking about), so I can't completely knock it without trying it first. Maybe this is the most natural pairing in the world, and everyone else was just too scared to go through with it. This vodka is made from potatoes. What do you put on potatoes to make them delicious?? Cheese? Well, yes, but you can also put BACON. Therefore potatoes + bacon = your new favorite drink. So dont be surprised if you're at STK one day, listening to Korn and eating some Krabcakes, when you order the Bakon Vodka Kosmo finished with a dollop of sour kream.  


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