Pie Flurry? Mini Mac? Behold The List of Secret Fast Food Items


If you are a true connoisseur of junk food, this bit of information will probably be of interest to you. Slashfood has created a list of all the "secret" unlisted menu items from your favorite fast-food joints. This includes items that "aren't on the menu anymore," and I have added a few below that weren't on the list because I am just THAT smart. Or that fat.  

Anyway, this is great for all you junk-food addicts out there who want to test your knowledge too. Have a friend print it out and read you the name of the chain, and you see if you know which item is on the list (and off the menu). I have yet to meet someone who knows all of them – though that may have something to do with geography – we dont even have an In-N-Out Burger here. Very depressing. However, I still know the "secret" items because I make a yearly pilgrimage to Vegas for In-N-Out Burger. I mean partying. Yea thats it, partying. And gambling.

From my own "secret" faves:

Tbell gordita crunch

Taco Bell: Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It's not on the menu anymore, but if you stroll in and just ask for it without even looking at the menu, they'll usually make it. Confidence is key here. Don't let on that you know it's off the menu. And Slashfood mentions the "green sauce" at T-Bell which I have yet to try. Apparently you can get a "spicy green (insert menu item here)" and they will add that sauce to it.

Burger King: Grilled cheese. If you walk in drunk enough and demand this, chances are they'll make it for you. Sometimes a little negotiating helps. So maybe this one isn't really a secret, maybe it's just me being obnoxious. But they CAN and DO make it. And so does McD's. Anyone remember the Rodeo Burger? Yea, they can make that too if you ask for it. It's beef, onion rings and bbq sauce – easier to make than a Whopper!

McD's:  Put the apple pie in your McFlurry. Mmmmm. Some places will be a pain in the ass about it, but if you're buying it, why should they care? And this I heard from a friend which I am SUPER excited to try: ask for a quarter pounder or cheeseburger "but make it like a Big Mac," (meaning with all the Big Mac fixins) and there you have a Mini Mac or Mac Jr. Amazing. I hope that works. And of course, you can order ANYTHING at McDonalds with "Mac sauce." I enjoy the spicy chicken sandwich with Mac sauce.

Big bacon classoc

Wendys: The Big Bacon Classic has to be one of my all time favorite burgers, and they took it off the damn menu. But I didn't even KNOW they did that up until a year or so ago, and I would still order it and have no problems. Mmm bacon…

Chipotle: This one is more of a tip than a secret: ask them to "stir up" your fillings, so all of your burrito fixins blend together nicely and the cheese is evenly distributed. Gooey goodness anyone?

One thing I never thought about was the Arch Deluxe from McD's. Whatever happened to that burger? That was a major fail. And I bet the only reason they can't make it anymore is because no one stocks those strange buns..


If you have any you would like to add, please do so in the comments section. And for Slashfood's list click here.

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