Rays Pizza 45 Cents Today!!

Rays pizza speciakl

To mark their 45th Birthday, Rays pizza (formally known as Famous Original Rays) is giving their loyal customers a nice treat – pizza for 45¢! Only eight of them are participating, and there are a lot of "Rays" pizza joints in the city, so you have to make sure you're at the real FAMOUS ORIGINAL RAYS. See below for locations. Each slice is 45¢, each topping is 45¢, and cans of soda are 45¢ too. Neat. Now you can get a taste of what life was like before the Bush's took office.

Famous Original Rays locations:

204 Ninth Avenue (22nd/23rd); 831 Seventh Avenue (53rd); 736 Seventh Avenue (49th); 462 Columbus Avenue (82nd); 1710 Broadway (55th); 250 East Houston Street (Avenue A); 195 East Houston Street (Orchard Street); 1530 Old Country Road, Westbury, Long Island.

Who knew Long Island had one? Either way, there will probably be lines forming around the block, but I am going to try to get over there for lunch or dinner. I think Rays has some of the best grab-n-go slices in the city, and they are usually pretty hefty in size. Happy Birthday Rays! And many more years of saucy, crusty deliciousness!

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