Madison Square Park’s Autumn Market

Madison sq park If you haven't read my post about pumpkin picking and wine tasting in Long Island, then you are clearly not in my immediate family or one of my close friends. But it also means that you don't know how much I love farmer's markets, which is why I'm excited for the Madison Square Park Autumn Market. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Anytime someone says "Autumn" instead of "Fall," I picture a brisk, yet sunny day with golden leaves falling from the trees and the smell of cinnamon and apple cider in the air. Fortunately for us New Yorkers, this market might make that lovely picture a reality. I can't guarantee that the yellow stuff on the sidewalk will be cider though.

A deal is in the final stages for this Autumn Market in Madison Square Park, and it will be running from October 9th – November 1st.  Brought to you by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and Urban Space Management, the listings of participants hasn't been released yet; though I would imagine Shake Shack goes without saying considering it's IN THERE, right? Either way, we do know that one popular place will be setting up shop: Hill Country BBQ. Why should turkeys hog all the spotlight? To me, nothing says Autumn like slaughtered pig covered in barbecue sauce.

For some reason, the organizations have remained somewhat tight-lipped about this, so until more details come's some pictures of the food at Hill Country (courtesy of the Gothamist and NY Times):

 Hill country 1

Hill country 2

I just drooled a little.. 

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