Twitter Launches Wine Brand, “Fledgling”

Twitter logo with wine Before I say something mean, I will point out that it's for a good cause. Twitter is teaming up with Crushpad winery to launch it's own brand of wine, and a portion of proceeds from sales will benefit "Room to Read," a non-profit literacy organization. The wines, a pinot noir and a chardonnay, will sell for $20 ($5 goes to Room to Read) and will be called "Fledgling." Are you as confused as I am?

Apparently this started when some Twitter employees got involved with Crushpad, a facility that lets you make your own wine without having to own a vineyard, and they decided to take that to the next, NEXT level. I think I get that part, but I still don't really understand where the Room to Read part came in. Maybe it's their way of poking fun at themselves for butchering one's ability to form a cogent sentence on Twitter. Though who can form a cogent sentence when they're drunk off a bottle of Fledgling anyway? Oh, the irony. They will be having a barrel tasting in San Francisco early next year, and mailed samples at other locations, allowing Tweeters to Tweet their opinions. I can see it now:

"Gr8 Wine. Thx Rm 2 Read."

"PNoir was good, Chard was betts."

"I <3 @Fledgling. And its 4 a good cause!"

Ah yes. Looking FWD: 2 It.  

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