Wafels & Dinges Introduces De Kompleet Wafel Kit

Wafel kit Have you ever thought to yourself, "man I could go for some Wafels & Dinges right about now.." but were too lazy to get up, sign in to Twitter, locate the truck, go to the truck and buy one? Well, today is your lucky day, my lazy friend! Introducing, De Kompleet Wafel Kit.

Thomas DeGeest, proud owner of W&D, has created a way for people all over the world to enjoy his award-winning Wafels, with their own Dinges on top. De Kompleet Wafel Kit is so simple, DeGeest himself refers to it as "idioot-proof." Yes, with two O's. From the press release:

"May I be very clear? Belgians tend to be rather particular about this, but in
Belgium waffles are a very different story than pancakes.  What we have here is
100% Brussels Wafel Mix, we are not hiding any pancakes
or crepes in this box,” DeGeest added. These wafels are light and crispy, with a subtle vanilla flavor.  They may be
square or they may be round, but even when they’re round, they are still not
pancakes.  We Belgians are great at two things – making of the wafels and riding of the bicycles.  Since
I don’t know how to put a bicycle in a box, I’m introducing De Kompleet Wafel
.” Preparation on the streets of NYC must be fast and easy – our truck is about the
size of the average NYC kitchen. I like to call it ‘idioot-proof.’

Well idioots, you will soon be able to test your culinary competence when De Kompleet Wafel Kit becomes available at gourmet food stores nationwide. The 16 oz. box makes about 15 wafels; all you have to do is add water, cook for 3-4 mins in a 'wafel' iron, and of course, add your chosen 'dinges'. I can't imagine they will be as good as the real thing…however, making a warm wafel in the privacy of my own home where I can eat all 15 of them with no shame makes it more appealing.


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