What’s Left To Do at the New York City Wine & Food Festival This Weekend

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Still pissed that you missed out on the New York City Wine & Food Festival last year? And even MORE pissed that you couldn't get your lazy ass off the couch long enough to buy tickets this year? Well, if you act now, you can still get some tickets to this 4-day food and wine extraordinaire. Tickets are available (though in limited quantities) for the select events below. And to help you narrow down your options, I'm giving you my best assumption of what I think each event will consist of, because the description on the tickets site was not very detailed…

Alsatian Oktoberfest with the Modern's Gabriel Kreuther – Fri Oct. 9th, 7 pm. $250. Description: Lots of beer. Perhaps fancy beer.

Bruni Unveiled – Frank Bruni Conversation with Ben Leventhal – Fri Oct. 9th, 7:30 pm. $35. Description: We couldn't get Frank Bruni, so we'll just talk about him.

Culinary Demonstration Hosted by Alicia Silverstone – Sat Oct. 10th, 9 am. $35. Description: No frog's legs here. AS IF.

The Quintessential Wine Estate, An Exploration of Vineyard and Vintage Vineyard Block Tasting – Sat Oct. 10th, 11 am. $110. Description: ???  and drinking wine at 11 am.

The New York Insider – Sat Oct. 10th, 12 pm. $35. Description:  An insider's look into New York. (I have no clue)

My First Crush: Make Your Own Wine hosted by Quintessa's Agustin Huneeus Jr. - Sat Oct. 10th, 12:30 pm. $110. Description: Learn from the master, get hammered and then try pronouncing his name.

Stocking and Tending Your Home Bar hosted by Toni Abou-Ganim – Sat Oct. 10th, 1 pm. $65. Description: Stocking and tending your home bar. Oh and it's hosted by mixologist Toni Abou-Ganim.

Meatpacking Local - Panel Discussion: The Art of the Recipe – Sat Oct. 10th, 1 pm. $25. Description: Let's have a civilized debate surrounded by rotting carcass.

A Locally Sourced Evening presented by a razor, a shiny knife – Sat Oct. 10th, 2 pm. $325. Description: Those with a history of depression may want to sit this one out.

Meatpacking Local – Panel Discussion: Is Fine Dining in New York City Over? Sat Oct. 10th, 3 pm. $25. Description: We're New Yorkers, we're neurotic, and we need something to complain about.

Bob Dylan Wine Pairing – Sat Oct. 10th, 9:30 pm. $125. Description: Drink until you start to feel the way Bob Dylan looks.

Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite Session 1 – Sun Oct. 11th, 11 am. $150. Description: $150 buys A LOT of can-cans!

100-Mile Brunch: Farmer Bob Cooks Brunch at NYC Fire Museum – Sun Oct. 11th, 11:30 am. $125. Description: They were playing "Food Mad Libs" and decided to make it real.

Jean-Charles Boisset of Boisset Family Estates presents Passion for Pinot Noir and Sustainability – Sun Oct. 11th, 12 pm. $110. Description: Passionate wine-making: tips to make your wine last longer.

Meatpacking Local: Sake Soiree at Buddakan – Sun Oct. 11th, 3 pm. $65. Description: Drink sake. At Buddakan.

Perrier-Jouet Champagne presents a Bouquet of Fleurs – Sun Oct. 11th, 4 pm. $65. Description: Use your bottle of champagne as a vase for flowers.

There. Hope this helped clear things up a bit.

For more info on the NYC Wine & Food Festival, click here.

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