Emeril Lagasse is Taking Over The Airwaves on Sirius XM

Xm_sirius_450 This is something I don't totally understand, but apparently, people dig it: chefs on the radio. It started with Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius (now Sirius XM), and then Bobby Flay jumped on with Bobby Flay Radio (also on Sirius), and now…drumroll please…Cooking With Emeril

During a special live broadcast today, Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse announced that starting the week of Nov 30th, Emeril will be hosting a live, twice-weekly call-in show on Sirius XM called Cooking With Emeril. From the press release:

The renowned chef and restaurateur will host Cooking with Emeril from wherever he is in the country, introducing his listeners to the fascinating people, places and food he experiences. On every show he’ll take questions from callers and share recipes, tips and fun entertaining ideas. Emeril will also interview chefs he meets on the road, and will bring them together for thought-provoking discussions about the world of food.

Beginning the week of November 30, Cooking with Emeril will air live Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET and will replay nightly at 7:00 pm ET. Ask Martha will air live Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 pm and will replay nightly at 7:00 pm ET. Both shows will air exclusively on Martha Stewart Living Radio, SIRIUS channel 112 and XM channel 157 as part of “The Best of SIRIUS” package.

“This is going be great – I can’t wait to talk to people across the country and share the colorful places, chefs and food I experience in my daily life,” said Emeril Lagasse. “Food is the universal connector, and Martha Stewart Living Radio is the perfect arena to celebrate it and have fun.”

So basically, this is like the diary of Emeril Lagasse, more so than cooking with Emeril Lagasse. I don't think cooking translates all that well via radiowaves anyway, unless your descriptive skills are THAT brilliant, which, as we all know is not exactly Emeril's strong suit. And not to be totally negative, but does anyone else think the name of this show should have been the name of his TV show? And the name of his TV show should have been the name of his radio show? Just saying…

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