Philly’s Phileo is Taking Over NYC Fro-Yo!!

Phileo I am no Yankees fan, but this is one fro-yo wagon I refuse to jump on. According to Grub Street, Philly-based company Phileo quietly stormed into the West Village and took over Cali-based Yogurtland on Bleecker st. I haven't tried this alleged Phileo, but it looks and sounds almost identical to the offerings of Pinkberry and Yogurtland. Their flavors include vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, strawberry, cappucino, peanut butter, tart raspberry, tart plain, tart strawberry, tart blueberry, cupcake batter, and snickerdoodle.

Ok so they have lots more yummy-sounding flavors than Pinkberry. NOT FAIR. It's bad enough Philly is coming into our town and taking over our baseball and football teams, but now they want to come in and take over our yogurt?? Oh no you don't, Philly. Stick to your cheesesteaks!!

And yes, I am a bitter Mets fan. A bitter Mets fan without cupcake batter frozen yogurt. Don't give in…don't give in…


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267 Bleecker St  212-206-1824

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