Red Mango’s Pumpkin Spice Fro-Yo

Red Mango Front I've been so busy paying attention to the food OUTSIDE of Rock Center, that I completely forgot about what's going on INSIDE. There's a Red Mango in there! WTF?! I'm embarassed to say I never knew this, but it's true. I only do the concourse level of Rock Center..the rest gets too hectic and annoying for me. But today, my brave friend/co-worker Adele joined me on a journey through the throngs of children, parents and tourists…all for the joy in a single cup of frozen yogurt. The things we do for dairy.

So, not only have I never been to Red Mango in Rock Center, I've never been to Red Mango PERIOD. I know, I'm a freak. But before you judge me, realize that there are literally NO Red Mangos around where I live and I thought there were none where I worked. So the opportunity for consumption was usually missed. Or, maybe the reason is that I happen to really enjoy Pinkberry. Deal with it. I LIKE THE TARTNESS OF THEIR YOGURT. Moving on.

Red Mango 1
Red Mango Toppings

I had to try their Pumpkin Spice flavor – anything pumpkin is ok by me. And this one apparently supports a healthy immune system..? Win win! I opted to try a bit first, and I also tried the original considering I've never had it (shut up). Their yogurt is very different from Pinkberry, which I was surprised about; it's creamier and definitely sweeter. It almost reminded me of soft serve. It was nice though, I could see myself eating this stuff once or twice a week. The Pumpkin Spice was really good too. I got an original/Pumpkin Spice swirl with graham cracker crumbs (a topping Pinkberry seriously needs to consider), bananas, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. I took a bite with a little bit of everything, and I swear it tasted like pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate chips on top. Mmmmm. So good. This was definitely more like a dessert than a healthy little snack though. Adele had a pretty sweet idea too..or should I say salty idea..she got a good old-fashioned New York pretzel to go along with her Red Mango. Good call, Adele. 

Red Mango Pumpkin Spice 2
Pumpkin Spice and Original swirl deliciousness with bananas, graham cracker and Ghirardelli dark choc chips

I have been waiting for a Pinkberry to open in my work area, but no such luck yet. So until that happens, I will probably frequent the Rock Center Red Mango on a weekly basis. I'm torn now between the two rivals because I like Pinkberry's yogurt better, but Red Mango has a few better toppings. Decisions decisions…

Red Mango
Inside the NBC Experience store @ 30 Rock


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