Street Sweets is Effin’ Sweet

Street Sweets Truck 1 There are times when I think there is nothing worse than working right next to Rockefeller Center (i.e. Radio City crowds, tree-lighting madness, etc.), but then there are those special times that make me feel fortunate. I can only be referring to the abundance of food trucks in the area on any given day, but on this particular day, it was a sugary stop at the Street Sweets truck that made my afternoon.

You kind of can't miss that thing, can you? That's how a food truck should look in my opinion: bright, loud and glowing with yummy food. That word was actually what drew me to it in the first place; the display case in front seemed to "glow" and it made everything look like little bites of heaven. Even the chocolate mini-loaf looked irresistible, and normally that does nothing for me, so I had to try something…

Street Sweets 2

Never having been there before, I didn't know what to get, so I did what any newbie would do: ask for their best-selling products and then pick something random. Owner Grant Di Mille told me about the "Macarella," a coconut macaroon with Nutella inside it. Then he started to say something else but my brain stopped working after I heard "Nutella." Sorry Grant. Nutella is my biggest guilty pleasure. SOLD. And for my random choice: a flourless chocolate cookie. Done and done.

Let me try and describe this "Macarella" to you: HEAVEN. With Nutella inside. It's a sweet, chewy, flattened out coconut macaroon with lightly crisped and browned edges, and gooey hazelnut-chocolate-goodness that is Nutella oozing out. I felt guilty just for eating it, let's put it that way. I felt that the people around me who weren't eating it were being cheated, but I was so happy at the same time. Macarella: SO good, it's not even fair.

Maccarella & Choc Cookie 1

Maccarella Inside
I can actually taste it..Macarella and flourless chocolate cookie

The chocolate flourless cookie was also pretty amazing. I don't think it can follow an act like that Macarella, but it could hold it's own in a bake sale. Dense, chewy, and chocolatey, this semi-sweet chunky cookie was a hit at the office. Why wasn't the Macarella a hit at the office?? Um, because I ate most of it myself.

Flourless Chocolate Cookie 1

I also got a surprise from LS later in the day: their Candied Ginger Shortbread cookies and Pecan Sand Tart cookies. I loved the texture of the pecan cookie, it was so crumbly and nutty with a dusting of raw sugar all around. Maybe I'm weird, but I really loved the spice and kick from the candied ginger cookie, not to mention the shortbread is so buttery. You can't go wrong with either.  

Street Sweets Cookies
Candied Ginger Shortbread (front) and Pecan Sand Tart cookies

I also found out that Street Sweets is taking orders for
pies, just in time for Thanksgiving. They offer Classic Apple, Pecan,
Pumpkin, Pear Apple Caramel Crumb, and a Rustic Apple Cranberry Tart.
Give me the apple, pecan and pear apple caramel crumb and I won't even
eat the damn turkey. Get your orders in before Sunday to have it in time for Wednesday – they are getting a TON of orders from what I gather.

I am so glad I decided to leave my cubicle yesterday and have a little afternoon pick me up on the street. How 80's of me. Street Sweets is my new drug. Find out where they are on Twitter.

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