Barros Luco Introduces New Menu Design and Two New Sandwiches!

You heard right. The underrated Chilean sandwich shop in Midtown has added a couple new players to their starting lineup: the Ave Palta and Ave Pimiento. What the hell is that? You might ask. Like most of Barros Luco's other sandwiches, it is deliciousness between two slices of homemade bread. In reality though, they are simply chicken salad sandwiches. Thats it?? Just chicken salad? Yes, but it's not soggy, mayo-laden chicken salad like your grandma used to make. This doesn't apply to all grandma's of course, just mine – she makes an awful chicken salad (sorry Yia Yia).  

Barros Luco Ave Palta 1

This chicken salad is surprisingly simple in comparison to Barros Luco's other sandwiches: it's shredded chicken, a little bit of mayo (thank god), and salt. That's all folks. The Ave Palta is the traditional version, with sliced avocados on top, and the Ave Pimiento is the same chicken salad but with roasted red peppers blended into it. For a tasting, I felt it was only right to go with the traditional Ave Palta, even though they both sound good… 

Barros Luco Ave Palta 2

The chicken salad was really piled on this sandwich (as you can see from the pics). My first thoughts were: that's either a) going to be dry or b) it's going to be too much and too heavy. Fortunately, it was neither. It was shockingly light for a chicken salad sandwich, probably due to the right amount of mayo – not too much, not too little. I was able to eat the whole thing without feeling too stuffed (though it takes a lot to make me stuffed), and the bread as always was great. The sliced avocado on top added a nice texture too, and I would never think to put avocado on a chicken salad sandwich. Give me a juice box and some carrot sticks and I'm right back in 3rd grade. Only difference is this time I'm enjoying the sandwich, instead of trading it with the kid who brings Twinkies and Snickers for lunch. 

Barros Luco Ave Palta 3

Barros Luco is also introducing their new delivery/take out menu tomorrow. Finally! I've been waiting for one of these to add to my collection. See below for menu images (click to make larger). 

Barros Luco New Menu 1
Barros Luco New Menu 2 

Barros Luco
300 1/2 East 52nd St (btwn 1st and 2nd ave)

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