Chocolate Pinkberry: Pudding or Frozen Yogurt?

Thanks to my lack of consciousness for most of the past week, I completely spaced and forgot to share my thoughts on the new Pinkberry Chocolate. So here it is in a  nutshell: really good, but doesn't taste like frozen yogurt..or Pinkberry for that matter. The thing I love about Pinkberry is that cool, tartness you get when you bite into it (or lick it..whatever moves you), but this tastes like straight up chocolate pudding. It's reallyyy chocolatey, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but it's not refreshing like their other flavors. I suppose if you are needing a serious chocolate fix then this will definitely do the trick. But honestly – it tastes so close to pudding, I think I'd probably just get some pudding and stop kidding myself.

I'm not hating on the new flavor (especially since I was the one who was probably most excited about it), it's just not what I was expecting. I love chocolate more than I can explain, so I assume it will grow on me after a few rounds. I've had it twice already since the launch last week, and the first time I got chocolate crunchies on it (stupid move) AND I didn't eat it right away, so I put it in the freezer and the strawberries got all freezerburned. FYI – don't ever do that to your Pinkberry. This is what happens to your Pinkberry when you're on Valium:

Choc Pinkberry 2

The next time I ordered it, I was a bit wiser with my toppings. I got it with strawberries and Cap'n Crunch. Mmmm. Dessert.


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