Dominos Feeds All of Your Needs…Really

Sorry for the lack of posts recently – I had surgery last week and it took me literally 5 hours to write that short post about my Thanksgiving and frankly I don't remember what I wrote. Thanks Vicodin and Valium.

Anyway – since I'm laid up in bed and have no motivation to do anything (not to mention I physically CAN'T do anything), I decided to order some Dominos and have a fat-fest. I just had to write about this because I think it's pretty hilarious…or cool…I can't decide. I placed my order online for the first time because the coupon for two medium, 2-topping pizzas for $16.99 was only available online. I custom made my pizzas (complete with simulated screen imaging for adding toppings! so exciting!), added my cheesy bread..and 1-2-3 my order was placed and I got my coupon discount. Now for the cool part.

Dominos Tracker 1 
When your order is confirmed, they have a "Dominos tracker" apparently, where you can track how your order is coming along. There are 5 steps: 1 – Order Placed, 2 – Prep, 3 – In the oven, 4 – quality check (really? at dominos?), 5 – out for delivery. So as soon as I placed my order at 11:57 pm (munchies), the red light was blinking on "prep" and told me that "Hosneera is prepping your order right now." Thanks Hosneera. Then the red light was blinking on #3: "Hosneera put your order in the oven at 11:59 PM." Incredible. Just click refresh and it was already on #4: "Hosneera double-checked your order for deliciousness at 12:05 AM."  I always appreciate double checking for deliciousness.

Dominos Tracker 2 
Then a few moments later: "Shohitur left the store with your order at 12:07 AM." And by 12:12 AM – guess who rang my doorbell? Oh it was Shohitur, with a Heat Wave bag full of greasy deliciousness. 

Dominos tracker 3 
The best part though? You can also play Connect 4 on their site while waiting for your order! AND there's a punch out Connect 4 game ON the pizza box too..WTF?? I commend Dominos actually – you have created a perfect little entertainment-mecca for stoners, over-eaters and agoraphobics around the world.

Dominos Connect 4 box 2


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