Kathi Rolls Opening Tomorrow in “Curry” Hill

Coming to you from chef/owner Gaurav Anand of Bhatti Indian Grill, is a new concept in Indian casual dining: enter Kathi Rolls at 101 Lexington Avenue in Gramercy/Murray Hill (more commonly known as "curry hill"), opening tomorrow Dec 11th. What exactly is a Kathi Roll you might ask? Some sort of food roll made by a woman named Kathi? No, not exactly – and I didn't think that either…

According to the press release, the Kathi Roll or Kati Roll, was originated in Kolkata, India, when someone in the Nizam eatery decided to roll the kati kebab (skewer) of grilled meat in a Parantha (kneaded dough that is shaped into a rope then coiled into a round patty). In Bengali, the skewers are known as Kati, or sticks, thus becoming the Kati Roll.

Using an open wood-fire grill, chef Anand is creating these unique rolls with various meats and vegetables cooked in olive oil and plenty of Indian spices. There's the Bhatti Kebab, $5, (grilled chicken with a unique blend of 8 spices), the Bihari Kebab, $5, (chicken marinated in spicy masala sauce), and perhaps more traditionally, the Seekh Kebab, $5, (lamb with traditional spices) – all topped with mint sauce. Indian food is usually not left without a vegetarian option, so of course there are a few to choose from including Chickpea, Spinach, and Paneer Tikka (homemade cottage cheese), all $5 each. Additional toppings include lettuce, tomato, peppers, onion, and egg, at no extra charge – and you can choose white or wheat, grilled or un-grilled. That's right folks, the Kathi Roll is personal. To show how much they care, there is also a daily lunch special: any two rolls and a soda for $9.95. If you're more adventurous, ditch the soda and try Lassi, $3.95, a traditional non-alcoholic Indian beverage made with yoghurt and can be either sweet or spicy. In this case, it's sweet, salted and Mango-flavored. Menu below.

Kathi Rolls Menu
Kathi Rolls
offers seating for twenty-two in a relaxed, contemporary space. Open every day for lunch, dinner, and late-night – takeout and delivery is also available.

Kathi Rolls

101 Lexington Ave (btwn 27th and 28th st)



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