Brunch at L’Ecole This Sunday Will Donate Proceeds to Red Cross Haitian Relief

Once every so often, a devastating event occurs and I have to put aside my cynicism and sarcasm and be serious for a moment. This is one of those moments.

The recent earthquake in Haiti has left the country completely devastated, and if you haven't done your part to help – shame on you!! Just kidding. Damn…I really thought I could get away with no attitude for ONE post, but I guess not. Anyway, L'Ecole, the restaurant in the French Culinary Institute will be hosting a $19.50 prix-fixe brunch this Sunday, January 24th, and 100% of the proceeds (including waiters tips!) will be donated to The Red Cross Haitian Relief. Eating truly does save lives…

L'Ecole (at FCI)
462 Broadway (nr Crosby)

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