Cherry Valley’s Sandwich of the Week Sounds…Healthy?!

If I haven't mentioned this before, feel free to send me a virtual ass kicking. Cherry Valley, otherwise known as the mecca of deliciousness in Whitestone, Queens, announced their Sandwich of the Week. The Sunset: grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, guacamole, tomatoes, salt & pepper on a wrap. I guess Cherry Valley is trying to go healthy on us. Blasphemy! I'm all for a nice grilled chicken sandwich every now and then, but Cherry Valley is KNOWN for their veritable "heart attacks on heros" like the TCS, the Bushman, or the Beast (ohhhh the Beast…see descriptions below). Cherry Valley is my biggest guilty food pleasure, and this could just be me, but when I go there, I'm all about indulging - counting calories basically goes out the window. You just kinda have to in order to get the full experience. And you should also go around 2 am. I'm convinced the sandwiches are fresher at that time than they are in the middle of the day.

Faves in order of MY preference…everyone has a favorite (or two) at Cherry Valley, but growing up in Queens, I can tell you that they are most widely known for the TCS. This could be why their slogan is "Home of the TCS, Corona, Bushman & Beast."

Bushman: Chicken Cutlet w/bacon, brown gravy, american cheese on toasted garlic roll/hero

Beast: Chicken Cutlet w/bacon, swiss cheese, onion rings, brown gravy on a toasted garlic roll/hero (pics below…mmmm)

TCS: Chicken cutlet w/american cheese, brown gravy on a toasted roll/hero

Leanboy: Grilled honey turkey w/mozzarella cheese, fried onions, brown gravy on toasted garlic roll/hero

Corona: Chicken Cutlet w/bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and BBQ sauce on toasted garlic roll/hero


If you aren't salivating, there is clearly something wrong with you.

Beast Close 
Mmmm beasty 

Cherry Valley
12-29 150th st
Whitestone, NY 11357
And they deliver now! SCORE!


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