Coming Soon to Streets Near You: Milk Truck, The Grilled Cheese Truck!

Well, the food truck trend is not going anywhere in 2010. Thank god - I am a  big fan of the food trucks. Via Grub Street, I read about a new grilled cheese stand and soon-to-be truck called Milk Truck that will be opening January 16 at the Brooklyn Flea. Owner Keith Klein attended the French Culinary Institute and hopes to have a fully operational truck by May or June. 

This is not your moms grilled cheese though, it's from "an artisanal point of view", meaning these breads and cheeses aren't Kraft singles and Wonderbread. Not that there's anything wrong with a classic, but their version of Classic ($5.50) is aged Wisconsin Gruyere and butter on light rye bread. Drool. There's also the Classic with a Twist ($6): Wisconsin Gruyere, pickled onions & whole grain mustard on Jewish rye (from Blue Ribbon Bakery). They even make a breakfast sandwich that sounds amazing (see menu below) and they also offer soups for your dipping pleasure: classic tomato and Tunisian Breakfast Soup (??). Lastly, they must have had people like myself in mind when they made this wise decision: have a grilled chocolate sandwich for dessert (made with Sullivan Street Bakery bread). Mmmmm chocolate…



All Day Breakfast Sandwich 6.5
(made with Aged Wisconsin Gruyere, Farm Fresh Fried Egg & Carmelized Onions on Rye)

Classic with a Twist 6
(made with Aged Wisconsin Gruyere, Champagne Pickled Onions & Whole Grain Mustard on Jewish Rye)

Classic 5.5
(made with Aged Wisconsin Gruyere & Cultured Butter on Rye)

Mozzarella & Peppers 6.5
(made with Local Fresh Mozzarella, Fried Piquillo Peppers & Aioli on Soft Sandwich Roll)

Ham & Cheese 7.5
(made with Country Ham, Vermont Aged Cheddar & Coleman's Mustard on Rosemary Pullman Bread)

Chocolate 5
(made with Bittersweet Chocolate and Orange Marmalade on Sourdough Pullman Bread)


Tomato 4
(made with San Marzano Tomatoes, Chicken Stock, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Spices, pureed)

Tunisian Breakfast Soup 4
(made with Chicken Stock, Chickpeas, Country Bread, Spices, garnished with Roasted Red Peppers & Sicilian capers)

Read more at Grub Street



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