Food Technology for the Home Cook

If you're as big of a Top Chef fan as I am, you've probably seen the likes of Marcel Vigneron and Richard Blais, both of whom love making cherry gelee's and avocado foams. While these things may not be a necessity to you, the home cook, wouldn't it still be kind of cool to learn how to make them? I think so. In this class at the International Culinary Center at the French Culinary Institute, you will learn from FCI's Director of Food Technology, Dave Arnold, how to use gelatin clarifications, low-temperature cooking, fluid gel, and hydrocolloids. That last one sounds like a bad rash rather than something you cook with, but apparently they're chemicals that come in little viles that can transform a liquid into a gel and stabilize foams. If you've ever wanted to play food scientist, here is your opportunity.

Where: The ICC at the French Culinary Institute (462 Broadway, nr Crosby)
When: Jan 22, 6-9 pm
Cost: $150

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