New Skinny Tostitos? Introducing Tostitos Dipping Strips

Calling all stoners: the dream chip has been invented. I don't really know why this wasn't thought of before, but I'm glad it has made it's debut in the glossy pages of a magazine advertisement.

Tostitos Skinny Chip
Skinny Pig Meets Skinny Tostitos

What is this exactly? Well take a good look. It's a corn chip it a Frito? Fritos are good shit by the way…but I digress. This is actually just your regular Tostitos chip, slimmed down into a more jar-friendly shape. Even Tostitos went on a diet after the holidays…fascinating. New for 2010, I give you the brand new Tostitos Dipping Strips. I know you're probably thinking, "this is dumb, we already have Tostitos Scoops which are great for dipping." Yes, this is true, BUT the downfall of Tostitos Scoops is their small size and awkward handling capability. Sure, they are great for dipping when there is an actual bowl around. But how often do you sit down with a bowl of salsa and guac by yourself?? Hardly ever. You eat it straight out of the jar and you know it.  And you also know exactly what happens when you're down to the bitter end of the salsa, and you try to get what's left on the bottom of the jar…and your knuckles come out looking like you just sparred with Chuck Norris. Awful. But fear no more! This ingenius (yet simple) idea is perfect for this dilemma: it's thin, it's long, and it provides optimum reachability for the pesky bits on the bottom of the jar. Salsa success at last! I can't tell you how many times I got salsa stuck in my David Yurman ring…in fact I probably shouldn't tell anyone that at all..

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