Stuffed Artisan Cannolis Celebrates the New York Jets

Stuffed jets cannolis What is my favorite thing about sports? Aside from it being one of the few institutions that promotes drinking during the day, it also promotes gluttony and camaraderie; and we all know nothing is better than a lazy sunday with your friends, drinking beer and eating wings, pizza, cookies and…cannolis? Cannolis are not one of my favorite sweet treats, especially during game time, however my opinion was recently changed when I tried Stuffed Artisan Cannolis on the LES. Their delicious flavors and chocolate-dipped cannoli shells are perfect for all the hungry boys (and girls!) cheering for the home team: the New York Jets.

Even though I am a Giants fan (sigh), I will gladly root for the other New York team - especially one that is being supported by food. Stuffed Artisan Cannolis will be offering 6 Pistachio and 6 Original cannolis for $18 as long as Gang Green is still in the game. Just when you thought this season couldn't get any more nail-biting, now the Jets will be fighting to feed hungry New Yorkers as well. Pressure…

Call to place your order or stop by the store and pick up a few batches as the Jets take on the Colts this Sunday. Lets go green and white (cannolis)!

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis
176 Stanton St (nr Clinton)

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  1. and dont forget our spiked flavors from our newly completed liquor infused cannoli line !

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