Waitrose Live: Digital Interactive Cooking Magazine

 Waitrose Live I discovered Waitrose Live yesterday; a digital, interactive food and cooking magazine. For all of you commoners, Waitrose is an upscale supermarket in the UK, much like our Whole Foods here in the US, except the only mere difference is Waitrose has a "Royal Warrant" to supply groceries and wine to Elizabeth II (I'm sticking my nose up in the air as I type). Well…Whole Foods may not be royalty, but it has a really good lunch buffet… 

The magazine contains streaming video content including how-to video recipes, offers, cooking tips, news and more. I checked out a few "issues" and I have to say it's pretty impressive – it's kind of like a one stop shop for cooking. You can read an article about a certain ingredient, "flip the page" and get a recipe with how-to video, then you have the options to either purchase the ingredients needed online, print the shopping list, or email it to a friend. Cooking success! Not to mention the pictures and layout are beautiful; I got the hunger after only 3 minutes of browsing. I guess my only questions are, how did I not know about this before? And why don't we have a US version??

Click here to view Waitrose Live 


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