Au Bon Pain Open in Rock Center Concourse

After months of staring at "Au Bon Pain…coming soon!" signs in the 47-50 st Rock Center subway concourse…it's finally here. I believe it just opened yesterday, even though I passed by yesterday and didn't notice anything. That could have just been me and my morning tunnel vision kicking in though. And with what seems like 100 pastries sitting in the window staring at you, I have to wonder HOW I didn't notice it, if in fact it was open yesterday. I don't know what else to say about it really – it's very bright and sunny-looking thanks to it's yellow and orange walls, which adds a nice touch to the rather dingy BDFV concourse too. I mean it's a subway station…unless someone is peeing on the tracks, I don't notice too much else.

Check out Au Bon Pain's Facebook page for pics.

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