Gelato Heaven at MaximoPino Cafe

I'm uber-cranky today because Mother Nature decided to screw all of us once again, so I am going to reminisce about all the yummy gelato I had last night at MaximoPino Cafe..

Maximo Gelato 1
Gelato Anyone?

This place had one of the nicest (and largest) displays of gelato and sorbetti I have ever seen; I felt like I was back in Italy, sampling almost every flavor (all in the name of research, with maybe just a hint of gluttony). Ever had popcorn-flavored gelato? Yea, I hadn't either up until last night, but I am now convinced that this is something everyone should try before they die. It tasted like Corn Pops! Who doesn't like Corn Pops?? So strange, yet so delicious. How about Ferrero Rocher? Or Tiramisu? Or Vanilla Cookie?? Yes, these are just SOME of the flavors offered, and honestly, they were all delicious. It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think I would honestly go with the Popcorn and the Chocolate Raspberry. Technically, all of their chocolate flavors were great: creamy, rich and slightly overindulgent, just the way I like my chocolate gelato. You know how else I like my chocolate gelato? Stuffed inside a cupcake. That's right! MaximoPino takes it to the next level with their Gelato Stuffed Cupcakes. I had two: chocolate cupcake stuffed with raspberry sorbetti, and chocolate cupcake stuffed with mocha gelato. Mmmm.

Maximo Cupcake Mocha
Mocha Gelato Cupcake fall down

I also sampled some of Maximo's drinks, like the Truffle Hot Chocolate. If you like chocolate as much as I do, you will love this. It was basically warm, liquified chocolate. Very thick, very nums. Other than the little bit of "skin" on top that real hot chocolate tends to get, it was smooth and comforting. I'd like to curl up with a cup of that right now..

I came to Maximo Pino with my friend Rudy, who has been eating cereal for dinner for the past week, which is completely unacceptable in my book, so I decided that we should order a pizza. I'm like Sally Struthers..feeding the hungry. We got one of their pizzas, the Capricciosa, but you can totally customize your own and they have plenty of toppings to choose from. The Capricciosa consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, black olives, spicy pepperoni and prosciutto. The crust was thin and crisp (just the way I like it), but I felt it was lacking a bit in seasoning, which was odd considering the multitude of toppings. Some basil or garlic would have been a good addition, since black olives, artichokes and mushrooms can get kind of bland. Even some salt and pepper would have helped..or maybe some more pepperoni? It just needed some spice. I sampled the margherita pizza and I actually liked that one better – sometimes simple is the way to go with pizza.

Maximo pizza

Capricciosa Pizza

Even in the winter, I can see coming here for a  healthy scooping of gelato and coffee. Or coffee-flavored gelato (loved it). $4.50 gets you a Piccolo (2 scoops), and they have toppings like Amaretto cookies, chocolate sauce, Amarena cherries, fresh fruit, sprinkles and whipped cream for no additional charge. I think MaximoPino Cafe's strength lies in their sweets, and that's never a bad thing.

Maximo Gelato 2
Popcorn is 3rd one in from top left! TRY IT!


MaximoPino Cafe
504 6th ave (nr 13th st)


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