Bacon Donuts at Wildwood BBQ

Wildwood BBQ Bacon Donut 
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Will bacon-mania ever end?? I pray to sweet Jesus that it won't. I just read via Always Hungry NY that Wildwood Barbecue's chef "Big Lou" Elrose has an idea for dessert that involves donuts and bacon. How bad could that be? So bad that it's good, I'll bet. The cinnamon-flavored, cake-style donuts will be covered in frosting, then topped with chewy bits of candied bacon. Drool. As if that weren't enough artery-clogging goodness for you, it comes with a side of coffee ice cream as well, because, why the F not? Go big or go home. I'd run barefoot in the streets and knock over babies to get to that donut.

Wildwood Barbecue
225 Park Ave South (nr. 18th st)

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  1. What?! Thats amazing. :::Drools:::

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