El Quinto Pino Launches Breakfast Today

Ensaimada Some sweet news for those who live/work in Chelsea: El Quinto Pino is launching a new breakfast menu today; bringing the flavors of Majorca, Spain to your morning. There's the fresh-baked ensaimada, a doughy roll with powdered sugar on top, churros with dulce de leche, a pressed ham and cheese sandwich called a "bikini" (though if you eat this every day, I doubt you'd be getting into one), and plenty of other tempting options to satiate your morning cravings. And if you feel like going to work with a sugar high and a little buzz, get a carajillo (espresso with brandy) to go. The menu is available on weekdays only (booo!) from the Spain-like hours of 8 am – 2 pm, you know, just before siesta.

Photo Courtesy of Grub Street
El Quinto Pino
401 West 24th st

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