Passover Seder at Henry’s

For those of you who aren't up for cooking AND don't want to spend a lot of dough this Passover, why not check out Henry's on the UWS? On Tuesday, March 30th, for just $39 pp, you get a 3-course traditional Passover seder in a lovely modern American bistro setting. Got kids? They eat for $22 pp. Holla! Or should I say, Challah??

Click here for Henry's Passover Prix-fixe menu.


  1. Actually you shouldn’t say Challah!! One, because it’s Passover and you can’t eat leavened bread and two, because you’re a JewGreek idiot. – Love Hal

  2. Dara
    Thank you for the mention. Enjoyed having you at HENRY’s and will look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Thanks Henry! It was a great meal. Stay tuned for write up… 🙂

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