Shake Shack UWS Tests New Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger

OK…normally when I hear something delicious is being made even more delicious by adding peanut butter or bacon to it, I get really excited. But when I heard that Shake Shack is bringing back that peanut butter/bacon burger that they initially introduced last week (which I thought was a joke), I had to stop and go…blech. I'm sorry but peanut butter…on a burger?? I have eaten many strange things in my life, but this one doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. And I love bacon. And pb. And Shake Shack. Ugh! Damn me and my curious appetite. I guess I have to try it before I slam it, right?  Fortunately, I will try anything once. That's what she said.

Supposedly this thing got good reviews from some NYU students – but they were probably high. Either way, they're bringing it back this Saturday (tomorrow) at the UWS location, and I kind of want to try it just because the curiosity will haunt me forever. I mean, I eat the Elvis sandwich from Peanut Butter & Co. which is pb, bacon, honey and bananas; and that thing is sweet and salty goodness between two pieces of bread. So maybe Shake Shack is onto something..? It's just a beef patty slathered in pb (the part I can't get past) topped with bacon (I can deal with that) and no cheese or tomatoes (thank god – barf) on a bun. Sigh…we shall see…

Shake Shack UWS
366 Columbus Avenue (nr 77th st)
(646) 747-8770

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