Darryl Strawberry to Open Strawberry’s Sports Grill

As if the Mets don't get enough ridicule, now there's this. Former Mets champ Darryl Strawberry will be opening a restaurant in Douglaston, Queens, aptly named Strawberry's Sports Grill. I don't have too many details beyond that at the moment. Now, speaking as a Met fan, I am totally used to getting my hopes up and then having them smashed, brutally and repeatedly, over and over until there is nothing left in that hope except maybe a little stump of indifference. So at this point, I'm going to shrug my shoulders and say, "it might be good, but it might be terrible." That's what I do for the team every season anyway; because you have to assume that curse will follow them in any career path (just look at Darryl on Celebrity Apprentice). Sigh. But who knows, Strawberry was with the team in the 80's when they were actually good, so maybe he'll luck out. And fyi, there's no hint of a menu yet, but I sure hope there will be strawberry salad, strawberry shakes, and strawberry ice cream.

Me Darryl 1
Me and Darryl about a year ago – MAKE US PROUD OF SOMETHING!

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