Dos Caminos Brings New Burgers To It’s Menu

While it is very, very difficult for me to pinpoint a favorite cuisine (and I get asked that A LOT), Mexican is at the top of my list somewhere, along with burgers. That is why I am super excited about this news. Apparently Dos Caminos' executive chef Ivy Star is introducing a line of burgers to their menu! Obviously, you can expect a little Mexican flair to come with these burgers, like chile relleno, guacamole, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese.  The burgers are made with 8 ounces of ground chuck and served with a side of smoked chile fries. See below for the three new burgers:

Classico: with melted cheddar cheese ($12)

El Mexicano: with chile relleno, guacamole, roasted tomato mayonnaise ($13)

Don Francisco Beef Burger: with pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, chile torreados on griddled sourdough rye ($14)

The burgers above will be available at all Dos Caminos locations. Get a few blueberry or pomegranate margaritas to go with it and you're golden (and probably drunk).

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