Gelato on Sticks? Find It At Popbar

Popbar gelato and such…

In an effort to keep cool during these muggy New York City summer days, I headed over to Popbar with Monique. Located in the heart of the West Village, Popbar sits on Carmine street off 6th ave next to Joe's pizza. Pizza and Popbar? Sign me up. 

The inside of Popbar smells like chocolate. That is totally fine with me. Popbar is a gelato shop with a twist, or a stick, if you will. Popbar serves their gelato like icepops on popsicle sticks; a little unorthodox, but it's yummy. They have many different flavors of gelato, sorbet and yogurt that you can customize with your favorite toppings. Dunk it in chocolate then coat it in hazelnuts. Dunk half of it in chocolate then coat it in pistachios or coconut. Whatever moves you! I'm a dark chocolate and pistachio kind of girl, so I had to try the pistachio flavored gelato coated in chopped pistachios and drizzled with dark chocolate. So good. I love the texture from the pistachios, and the gelato actually starts to taste better as it melts a little bit. I like my gelato creamy and soft, so adjusting to this super-frozen gelato was a little challenging at first, but well worth it. Popbar has so many good flavors, it was hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to go with the coffee gelato dipped in dark chocolate. Ohhhh sweet heaven what a delight. The combination of espresso and dark chocolate is one of the greatest things in life…well at least in my life.  

Pistachio gelato drizzled in chocolate and crunchy pistachios..mmmm

Another delicious combo is the raspberry and dark chocolate. I think every single one I tried was dipped in chocolate..? I might have a minor addiction on my hands. I digress. The banana gelato was like biting into a frozen banana. It wasn't as creamy as the pistachio or coffee flavors, so it wasn't my favorite, but if you're bananas for bananas I don't think you could go wrong with that one.

Banana gelato dipped in dark chocolate

I chatted with Daniel, the owner, for a bit and I suggested they come out with peanut butter gelato. Then dip it in chocolate and some pb chips..genius right?? Well, not for Popbar. He says they want to keep it authentic Italian, which is why the flavors are all natural and there aren't any weird toppings like Oreos. I personally wouldn't mind some Oreos, but I see what he's trying to do here, and I don't think there's anything wrong with a little authenticity.

Popbar is currently looking into expanding to other locations, but for now, you can catch all the homemade dipping action on Carmine st. Click here for full menu and toppings.

5 Carmine St (@ 6th ave)


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  1. My husband and I stopped by last week as well and it was delicious! So much better than that overpriced Grom around the corner. I hope they open up in Williamsburg soon!

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