The Return of The Soup Nazi!

Soup Nazi It's true!! I heard rumors about this, but my wavering faith in humanity and all that is good and pure didn't allow me to believe it. According to the NY Times, the Soup Nazi is coming back! Hopefully with a vengeance. The last time i was there was about 6 or 7 years ago, and I can still remember the lobster bisque I had and how it tasted. I love good soup, but this is extraordinary soup. 

The "Soup Nazi", aka Al Yeganeh, started his soup revolution back in 1984 (my year of birth - hooray) at 259A West 55th street. After much success (thanks, in part, to his character on Seinfeld), he closed up shop to pursue franchise opportunities and a frozen soup brand named The Original Soupman. Fortunately, he kept the lease on the storefront and plans to reopen on July 20th. You probably won't see him there much, but if you do, consider yourself lucky. He's like a unicorn. A badass unicorn who makes soup. There's an image.   

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  1. Stellar work there eevryone. I’ll keep on reading.

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