Limelight Grill (Soft) Opening This Weekend

Sorry for the delay folks…there was a minor crisis in the Skinny Pig household…but all seems to be ok now..hence my triumphant return to the blogosphere. I might have played it a little fast and loose with the word "triumphant" but whatever.

Exciting news for Chelsea just in. The Limelight Marketplace – which has garnered enough buzz on it's own - is opening a restaurant in the courtyard, aptly named Limelight Grill. According to the press release, "we're likening Limelight Grill to a Shake-Shack concept" and the restaurant will be operated by Bruce Caulfield, formerly of Tracks Bar and Grill and Bruce's Burger. What is Bruce's Burger and why do you want one? It's specially seasoned ground meat topped with lettuce, tomato and red onion. It's simple, classic, and it's only $5. Done. Aside from burgers, they will also be serving up another one of Bruce's specialties, a char-grilled and vinaigrette-marinated chicken, $6 (that's supposed to be delicious); lobster roll sliders, $10; pulled pork sliders, $6; skirt steak with a garlic-parsley sauce (sounds like chimichurri to me), corn on the cob, grilled portabello mushroom, $5.50; and skirt steak pinwheels wrapped with bacon and provolone cheese, $6 (yum).

This weekend will be the soft-opening, and official opening in a few weeks. Hours of operation are 11-7 and cash only.

Stay tuned…

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