The Whiskey Brooklyn Is Coming To The Burg

Whiskey BK 2 I'm excited for this one. Not only because it sounds AWESOME, but because it's literally a block away from my apt. I can roll out of bed and into a bar specially tailored for boozing, grub and video games. Williamsburg welcomes: The Whiskey Brooklyn.

Brought to you by the guys who gave us Whiskey Town and Whiskey Tavern (and another set of dudes from Tulsa), The Whiskey Brooklyn is an underground pleasure-den. Ok, that makes it sound WAY too sexual. There is a stripper pole alongside the DJ booth, but I think that's about as kinky as it gets. The dimly lit bar, complete with brick walls and dark wooden booths houses a central U-shaped bar, and an adjacent room filled with games like foosball, shuffleboard, mini-basketball and an Arcade Legends machine with over 100 classic games like Street Fighter (!!) and Rampage. SWEET. I am a Street Fighter master. If they have Streets of Rage 2 I'll probably just move in. Another reason to never leave? Happy hour is Mon- Fri, from 12-8 pm with $1 off everything and $4 off pitchers. They also have Shot & A Beer specials during HH, which is $1 off and you get a beer with a shot of Tom Lawless, Powers, Jim Beam, Jager, Stoli, Sauza, SoCo Lime, or Kamakaze. The beers here are fairly simple (Miller, Bud, Blue Moon, Molson, Guinness), but the whiskey list is quite extensive; though I guess with a name like "The Whiskey", you don't really have a choice.  

And last but not least: THE GRUB. Any place that has a "Bowl O' Bacon" and "Bowl O' Meatballs" on the menu has my vote. They also have mini hot dogs with cheese, onions, mustard and chili called Coneys, tacos, grilled cheese w/ bacon and tomato, waffle fries and tater tots in cheese and gravy, and for dessert?  A hostess cupcake with a shot of White Russian. Mmmm. Just the way mom used to make it.

I have a feeling I will be here. A lot.

The Whiskey Brooklyn
44 Berry Street (on. N 11th st)



  2. Your blog post seems like a storyline extracted from a novel.

  3. I laughed with delight at the ad campaign when I spotted it yesterday. Not my style, but totally get what he was going for, and thought there were some interesting fashion ideas that I wouldn’t expect from this line. The campaign (some images more than others) remind me of Kate Spade ad campaigns of past. Remember the one with the preppy NYC girl visited by her preppy family? This feels similar but a bit off. Though I did post the intro image with the jeep full of stuff on my wall. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!

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