A Mini Vacation at The Hurricane Club

Given the absolutely atrocious weather this past week, it seemed fitting that I visit The Hurricane Club for dinner. The irony of this place is that "hurricane" is hardly the word I would choose to describe it. From the white lacquered exterior (that doesn't allow you to see inside), you don't really know what to expect, but you step inside and feel like you're on vacation. If "Island-chic" is what they were going for, they totally nailed it: tikis, palm trees, drinks served in coconuts and watermelons, and of course, those adorable little paper umbrellas.

I honestly could have stayed at the bar all night. The drinks were awesome. They even serve rum-coconut shots in halved limes – fun! Too bad I don't like rum. So we move on to the food..

Hurrican Club coconut shrimp
Coconut Shrimp

Overall, the food was good, not great. I think the draw of this place is more drinks and atmosphere – but there were certain dishes that I really liked. The coconut shrimp, for starters, was crunchy, juicy and the dipping sauce was tasty. The chinese sausage "arancini" weren't exactly arancini, but they were good. Arancini is usually an Italian rice ball, but these were made with a sticky rice/chinese sausage combo and formed into sticks. I'll allow it.

Hurrican Clube sausage arancini 2
Chinese Sausage Arancini

For entrees, we got the spareribs and the mango chicken with macadamia nuts. Kudos for the spareribs with spicy/sweet tamarind sauce – not so much kudos for the chicken. It was kind of dry and the sauce was too sweet. I liked the spicy crust on the ribs andof course, I had to ask for extra sauce for dipping. The girl next to us had The Hurricane Ribs, which, I shit you not, looked like they came from a dinosaur. I wanted to take a picture but I was getting the feeling that I annoyed her enough already with all of my questions about the giant rib. When it comes to ribs, go big or go home. I wouldn't recommend either of these for a date though, just fyi. They were quite messy. The meat fell off the bone though, so I imagine with some knife skills and a little finesse, you could cut the meat off and be all elegant about it. But it's a sparerib. Who has time for that shit?

Hurricane Club Ribs
I felt a little like Fred Flintstone..

Instead of dessert, we did some shots. Yea…it was THAT kind of night. We got a tequila and peppadew pepper shot. Peppadews are sweet, thin peppers - so combined with tequila, it was very sweet and I almost choked on a pepper. Fortunately, I was in vacation mode (read: a bit drunk) and I didn't care.

Hurricane Club shot 2

I'd go back to The Hurricane Club for sure (if only for the giant ribs and strong drinks). I forgot to mention that the portions are rather large and are meant to be shared, so it would be a great place to throw a birthday dinner or host some kind of celebration. Just don't expect to get lei'd.

The Hurricane Club
360 Park Avenue (corner of 26th st)


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