NYC Foodie and The Skinny Pig Dine at Liebe

Two foodies out on the town makes for one very filling evening. The NYC Foodie and I made a little visit to Liebe, the new Indian spot in Nolita. You could easily call it a "hole in the wall" because it's a very small space, not really meant for dining in, but there are a couple little tables and a few stools in front; delivery is probably going to be their main draw. Oh and I apologize for the lack of and crappy phone pics. My camera died JUST as we arrived. OF COURSE.

We got a little taste of everything because, well, that's what foodies do. We eat and eat a lot. I think we tried every roll that they make – from chicken to lamb to steak to paneer. Everything was good, but I definitely had my favorites. We started out with some Channa, which is chickpea salad with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions and cilantro. Now, we all know about my hatred for cilantro, but it's grown on me in certain things (guac for example), so I wasn't bothered by it in this salad. It was very flavorful and refreshing – I could eat that every day. Healthy, light and a nice side to any one of Liebe's uber-spiced rolls..

Liebe Channa 
Channa Salad

The spices in all of the rolls were insane. In a good way. I think if I had to put the rolls in order from favorite to least favorite (and that's hard to say, because none of them were bad), I would have to say it goes like this: Lamb, steak, paneer (Indian cheese), chicken, veggie. The lamb was really delicious; in fact I'm going to quite my friend Josh and say it was "tasty as f&*!" The spices are all homemade and everything is made fresh. No kidding – I burned my tongue on a few of those rolls. My mouth was on fire from both the temperature and the spice-factor. Nothing was overwhelmingly hot though in terms of spice, just very seasoned. The bread that it's rolled in (paratha, I believe) is kind of greasy, which tastes really good, but I'm not sure if this is the norm or not. I'm not an expert in this realm of rolls.

Liebe Roll 
Chicken Roll…sigh I miss my Canon…

We were given the Mango Tango and Kesaria, two Indian smoothie-type drinks meant to help cool down your mouth. The Mango Tango is like a traditional Mango Lassi: a creamy blend of yogurt, mango, milk and cardamom. The Kesaria is something I've never had before, and it was a milky blend of almond and pistachio. I happen to love almond and rice milk, so this drink was perfect for me – thinner and less heavy than the Mango Tango, but the taste of the Mango Tango was sweeter and would probably be the favorite of most people. I'm weird, I don't like things that are too sweet.

I would definitely order from Liebe if I was in the delivery area – but unfortunately I doubt they'd deliver to Williamsburg. Note to all of you who wait an hour and a half for a table at Lombardis: take a walk down the block and try something different.

And a thank you goes out to NYC Foodie as well, for introducing me to Liebe!


227 Mott St

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  1. Yummy. Cant wait to try this. I totally love chicken. This is my kinda recipe and cant wait to prepare this.

    Simple yet delicious food. I love indian foods and the desserts too..

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